Water Mark Certified Whole House UV System, Suitable for Small Homes


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WaterMark Certified Whole House UV System


Suitable for Small Homes up to 30L/Min | 1/2″ BSP Ports


Detailed Description

Ultraviolet Sanitation System


UV Water Sanitation is by far the most important filtration process when it comes to rain water treatment. Rain water harbours bacteria of all types but is some cases much more harmful bacteria may be present in the tank. E-Coli is a common bacterium in tank water and is due mostly to Frogs in and around your tanks/catchment. Ultraviolet sanitation works by breaking down the cell wall of a micro-organism allowing oxidation to occur which in turn prevents the bacteria from multiplying until it is finally eradicated. Ultraviolet filtration is a chemical free solution to water sanitation creating no by products in the water.


Kit Contains

GT7-4K              WaterMark Small House UV System 20W | 1/2” Ports

GT7-8-BRK (x2)   1 Pair of Aluminium Mounting Clamps + Screws

GT7-4K-Lamp     443mm 4 Pin 20W UV Lamp

GT7-4K-Thimble  490mm Quartz Thimble 23mm*OD

GT7-8K-PS         UL Certified Ballast 10-40W Australian Plug + Earth Cable

GT7-2NSF-OR     NSF/ANSI 42 Compliant O-Rings Suit 23mm*OD

Note: Filter housing,s & Filters not included,

(Please check web site for  Prices..)


Commercial Grade Electropolished 304 Stainless Steel Chamber

Visual & Audible Lamp Failure Alarm

1/2” BSP Threaded Male Connections

Strong Aluminium Mounting Brackets – Surrounds Chamber

High Intensity UV Lamps – Up to 30L/min @ 30 mJ/cm²

Water Pre-Treatment Specifications

Hardness              < 120 mg/L

Turbidity              < 1.0 NTU

Iron                      < 0.3 mg/L

Manganese           < 0.05 mg/L

Tannins                < 0.1 mg/L

Filtration              < 5uM Particulate Filtration

* Based on Average Peak Flow Rate of 3 People Living in a 2-3 Bedroom House incl. 1 Bathroom


Twin Water Filter Housing’s   ( filter’s sold separately )..

Suits: Bore, Tank, Dam or Town water

Size: 10″ x 4.5″

Ports: 1″ Ports

Max Flow: 60 Ltrs/min (tested to 120 Ltrs/min)



Max Flow                    30L/Min (For 30mJ/cm² EOL)

Voltage                      230-240V

Chamber                    304 SS

Ports Size                   1/2” BSP

Max Pressure              125 psi

Working Pressure        Up To 70psi

UV Lamp                    GT7-4K-Lamp

Lamp Power               20W

Lamp Length               443mm

Thimble Length           490mm

Thimble OD                23mm

Thimble                     GT7-4K-Thimble

Ballast                       GT7-8K-PS




Length                          500mm (Without Plug)

Between Ports              385mm


Earthing: Before operating this unit, it must be earthed. Simply attach the supplied earthing cable connected to the chamber to an earthing rod.


Technical Data


UV systems are not designed to be turned on and off. Doing this may shorten your lamp life. Lamps should be changed every year. The lamp may still be working, but after 1 year, the power may not be able to kill all bacteria. The Quartz thimble should be replaced every 2 years. If hardness is high it is recommended to service and clean the UV thimble every 6 months or as required to remove and scale that may build up.


Dosage – GT7-4K


General Disinfection (Common)                 30 mJ/cm²

Flow Rate Maximum (EOL)                        30 L/min


Recommended for Drinking Water             40 mJ/cm²

Flow Rate Maximum (EOL)                        23 L/min



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