Washable Water Filter for dirty water sources, 5 micron, 10″ x 4.5″


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Reusable 5 micron Sediment Filter , 10″ x 4.5″

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5 micron WASHABLE water filter, 10″ Big Blue sizing ( 10” x 4.5”).

This washable water filter has pleated cartridge media which significantly increases the filtration surface area,  resulting in improved sediment retention & longer periods between washes.

Use as a first sediment filter for dirty water from rivers, dams, bores and roof catchments.

Ideal for whole house water filtration systems where water source carries a lot of sediment.

Also use to provide cleaner water for stock, improving water uptake and better stock performance.

This washable water filter is particularly recommended as a water tank  pre filter , installed before the tank .

Filtering your storage water at this point reduces the sediment levels entering your water storage tank, (e.g. for dirty river and dam water supplies)

 We would recommend this cartridge for our LOWEST COST Water Filter where it to be used on dirty creek or dam water for example ( replacing the standard 5 micron non washable sediment cartridge)


When do I replace this filter cartridge?

Filter manufacturers normally recommend 12 months replacement, but for non potable water uses this can often be extended with washable cartridges..

Using controlled garden hose pressure washing this washable water filter may last a couple of years or more. Obviously this will vary according to water quality – e.g. sharp woody matter which may damage the pleated media- and frequency of wash downs.

After perhaps 12 months, some water sources may encourage a bacterial slime which will choke off water throughput, leading to pressure loss at the outlet, and the need for cartridge change.

Algae may also stain the filter media after time, but this can often be controlled with a weak chlorine wash followed by sun drying.


This washable water filter removes Sediment, Rust, Sand, Algae and Dirt down to 5 microns

The pleated filter media increases the effective filtration surface are significantly, and is able to be carefully hosed clean permitting re use over & over again. USE/WASH/REUSE


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