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Super Purifier tank water replacement filters, 20″ x 4.5″ sizing : 2 x 1 micron sediment Pre Filters + 0.2 micron Purifier ( 3 filter combo) best annual buy!

Tank water replacement filters:

Pre Filter is a 1 micron Sediment depth filter , 20″ Big Blue sizing ( 20″ x 4.5″)

Purifier Filter is NSF certified, and rated 0.2 micron, 20″ Big Blue sizing ( 20″ x 4.5″)

This unique water tank filter operates as a combination sediment, silver/carbon & bacterial  filter

This Purifier cartridge becomes charge positive when water passes through the filter media and rapidly absorbs particles no matter how small 

The Super Purifier tank water replacement filters are rated up to 90 litres water/min.

The microbial purifier cartridge filters down to 0.2 micron removing  giardia & cryptosporidium cysts, bacteria & even viruses. Additionally this purifier cartridge contains silver which prevents the growth of captured bacteria on the filter media.

The activated carbon on board the purifier cartridge removes chemical pollutants ( including Chlorine & it’s by products), and absorbs odours & smells from the water, making it sweet tasting.

Filter Replacement: approx. 12 months for average family use on clean rain water

Tank water replacement filters for the whole of house Super Purifier are a combination of 3 filters. This third filter cartridge is a spare/bonus Sediment Pre Filter cartridge designed to encourage users to replace the Sediment Pre Filter early, & ensure a longer life of the more expensive microbial Purifier cartridge.

This combo of 3 filters is the most economical Super Purifier tank water replacement filters option.

The relevant Super Purifier Tank Water Filter for these replacement cartridges is  https://saferwater.com.au/shop/tank-water-filter-super-purifier/


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