Replacement Kitchen Water Filters for the best water!


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Upgrade your existing kitchen filter to germ free status today!

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0.1 Micron 3-in-1 Sediment, Chemical & Bacteria Reduction Filter.

This Filter meets ANSI,FDA & EU Food Grade Requirements

Set of 2 replacement kitchen water filters ( 10” x 2.5″ sizing) for the Super Purifier Kitchen Water Filter ( under sink system).

Also suits any standard sized under sink kitchen water filter with twin housings.

Upgrade yours to ensure the removal of bacteria, viruses and parasitic cysts like Giardia & Cryptosporidium, by installing our Kitchen Super Purifier cartridge.

For peace of mind safer drinking water, or just to make it taste better!

Specifications of Replacement Kitchen Water Filters:

The  first filter, or Pre Filter, 0.5 micron Sediment filter removes dirt, sediment, algae rust, and can remove some water parasite cysts ( e.g. Giardia).

By having first contact/ filter action on the water, the Pre Filter also extends the life of the second filter, the Purifier cartridge.

The Purifier Cartridge is NSF, FDA & EU certified, and rated 0.1 micron. This unique water filter operates as a combination sediment, chemical & bacterial  filter. It also contains Silver, well known to prevent  bacterial colonization of the filter media.

It removes fine sediment, chlorine and organic compounds causing bad taste & odour from drinking water.

Some heavy metals are also removed, as well as a range of bacteria ( e.g. E.coli, Salmonella), protozoa & even virus.

The Super Purifier cartridge becomes charge positive when water passes through it, and rapidly absorbs (negatively charged) particles -such as bacteria-no matter how small.

Both of these replacement kitchen filters are rated to handle up to 9 litres water/min.

Filter Replacement: annual replacement is recommended, and typically these filters last up to 12 months with average family use, based on clean rain water.

These Replacement Kitchen Water Filters actually purify tap water down to bacteria and virus level, making them ideal  for rural kitchens and families on tank water.

This Pre Filter/ Super Purifier cartridge combination is specifically designed to be used with the Super Purifier Kitchen under sink water filter, but can be fitted to all standard twin housing brands, to upgrade kitchen water filtration to germ free status..


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