Replacement: Filters for the removal of chloramine, chemicals, dirt, bad taste & odour


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Replacement filters for the removal of chloramine, chemicals, dirt, bad taste & odour.


Set of 2 replacement  water filters ( 20” x 4.5″ sizing) for   (Whole House system).


The  first filter, or Pre Filter, 1.0 micron Sediment filter removes dirt, sediment, algae rust, and can remove some water parasite cysts ( e.g. Giardia).

By having first contact/ filter action on the water, the Pre Filter also extends the life of the second filter, the

Chloramine Removal Coconut Carbon Filter

20″ x 4.5″ | 0.5 Micron

Detailed Description 

0.5 Micron Pure Chloramine Removal Carbon Block

These filters are Very popular, will fit and suit all 20″ x 4.5″. This high quality 100% Coconut Carbon filter is the exact filter we use as our front-line carbon filter.

As a rule, it is difficult to find 100% coconut carbon filters. Most lower priced filters on the market are a blend of coconut carbon and coal based carbon. The problem with coal based carbon is that it has a shorter life and often results in a less palatable flavour.

We use this 100% coconut carbon filter in all of our pre-assembled kits. These are top of the range HIGH QUALITY coconut carbon block filters are ideal for taste and odour issues, and perfect for total extraction of town water chemicals.

Removes Chlorine, taste and Odour Certified by WQA to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 – WQA Performance tested and verified by Independent laboratory testing Certified by ISO 9001

TOP OF THE RANGE 100% coconut carbon, this particular filter is currently supplied throughout the European market as a premium drinking water filter.


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