Portable Water Purifier : TRAVELLER take anywhere water filter & Carbon Block Filter.


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Take the ‘Traveller’ with you and turn any tap into a water purifier.

Includes  Carbon water filter cartridge for use in Kitchen water filter systems.

              10″ x 2.5″ sizing suits all under sink or bench top kitchen water filters.

              It removes chemicals, ( including water treatment chemicals: chlorine,         chloramines & trihalomethanes), plus bad taste & odour from tank & town water     supplies.

This carbon water filter cartridge is a top quality 1.0 micron coconut carbon block filter.

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The Traveller Portable Water Purifier guarantees your drinking water safety when you travel.

Turns any tap into a water purifier- easily fitted to all taps!

The Traveller lets you take clean water with you on your travels.

For everyday use in caravans and when camping or in motels.

Ideal if your renting: take it with you when you move on!

This portable water filter is also an excellent backup when local water supplies are under stress during floods etc.

The perfect portable travelling accessory for water safety peace of mind.

Traveller portable water purifier lets you filter any tap water,

This portable water purifier also eliminates Dirt, Sediment, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Odours, and Bad Taste from your drinking & cooking water.


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