LOW COST Kitchen Filter removes bacteria


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LOW COST Kitchen Filter removes Bacteria & Chlorine

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This new LOW COST Kitchen Filter turns your kitchen tap into a water purifier!

You can now be confident of safe drinking & cooking water.

Economical Low Cost Kitchen Filter is a twin inline system that delivers chemical & microbe free water for reduced allergies, and fewer stomach upsets.

The first filter (pre filter), is a 5 micron Carbon which removes water treatment chemicals (including chlorine & it’s by products), odours & bad taste, plus dirt & sediment.

The second UF cartridge (Ultra Filtration Filter), operates down to 0.5 micron, blocking all Giardia & Crypto, & removing Bacteria such as E. coli & Salmonella.

Use the Low Cost Kitchen Filter for germ free tap water.

Ultra Fine Hollow Fibre technology ensures the Low Cost Kitchen Filter delivers safe 5 micron filtered water, free from microbes.

The 1 micron Carbon cartridge produces sweet tasting water, free from chlorine taints and off flavours. Also acts as a Sediment Pre Filter for the UF cartridge, removing dirt, rust, sediment, algae & sand down to 5 micron, thereby extending the 0.5 micron UF cartridge life.

Low Cost Kitchen Filter Features:

  • Premium coconut Carbon Pre filter, 5 micron
  • Quality  Ultra Fine Filtration to 0.5 microns
  • Aids in the Removel of water pathogens, Giardia & Crytosporidium, plus Bacteria
  • Removes water treatment chemicals ( Chlorine, Chloramines, & Trihalomethanes)
  • Both cartridges are Inline filters : no extra housing required
  • “Outside/In” Hollow Fibre filtration to maximize life of UF 0.1 micron cartridge
  • Water flow rates of around 5 litres/min
  • Supplied as Complete Kit: 1 x 5 micron Carbon inline pre filter cartridge, 1 x 0.5 micron  inline cartridge, 2 x quick connect joiners & tubing, 2 x inline cartridge clamps, 2 x cartridge mounts, 1 x Water Stop Valve, 1 x 450mm x 1/2″ Water Flex Hose, 2 x 1/2″x 1/4″ connectors & thread tape

Filter replacement: 6-12 months.

Like all filters, Low Cost Kitchen Filter life is dependent on water quality (& quantity), used.

sediment/carbon pre filter is always recommended to maximise the Ultra Filtration  cartridge life, to avoid premature blockage.

Low Cost Kitchen Filter Benefits:

  • Lowest Cost kitchen water purifier
  • Great tasting drinking water
  • No water treatment chemical smells or taste
  • Excellent water filtration removing  particles down to 0.5  micron
  • Eliminates the need for costly Ultra Violet light systems
  • No water waste like Reverse Osmosis
  • Suits existing mixer tap
  • Easy to install under existing bench
  • Inexpensive cartridge replacement
  • Simple filter cartridge change out with Water Stop Valve supplied in kit
  • Provides germ free, sweet tasting water 

Low Cost Kitchen Filter Installation

  • Check you have standard flexible water hosing with 1/2″ connectors supplying your kitchen tap.
  • Turn off water supply, run thread tape to all fittings ( 3-4 rounds)
  • Disconnect existing water cold connector hose at water entry point under sink
  • Screw Water Stop Valve to exposed 1/2″ male fitting at entry point
  • Connect one end of 450mm flex hose to 1/2″ male fitting of Water Stop Valve, and other end to 1/2″x 1/4″ fitting on IN port of Carbon cartridge
  • Connect 1/2″ x 1/4″ joiner on OUT port of UF cartridge to existing flex hose running to tap
  • Select best mounting point for twin inline cartridges, & screw in 2 mount brackets to suit UF cartridge. (Adjust cartridge orientation as necessary)
  • Now disconnect the short water line from the quick connect fitting at the IN port of the UF filter. Place the open end into a bucket to permit seperate flushing of the new Carbon Inline filter. ( Carbon filters tend to shed some carbon fines on start up, & it is recommended to discharge this to a waste bucket, rather than load up the 0.5 micron UF filter).
  • Turn on the water & stop valve to flush the Carbon cartridge with about 10 litres of water, or until clear.
  • Reconnect the short water line to the UF cartridge, and then flush both cartridges, checking for any water leaks
  • Enjoy Sweet Tasting, Bacteria Free Water!


 Replacement Cartridges for Low Cost Kitchen Filter:



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