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 “A great way to immediately improve tank water quality for all rural households at very affordable cost!”

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The  TANKSTER Floating Water Intake improves tank water quality for rural households by supplying water from ABOVE THE TANK BOTTOM SEDIMENT.

This means you drink the FRESHEST, CLEANEST water with the MOST OXYGEN from the TOP of your water column: the water with MINIMUM MICROBES.

This really is great idea for the best tank water, and at affordable cost!

WHY USE A FLOATING WATER INTAKE?- Rain washes your roof  clean of  dirt and into your house water tank. This dirt may contain poop from birds, bats, rodents and small animals, together with dead insects and leaf matter. It settles onto the bottom of your water tank.

Tank sediment acts as a food for microbes which multiply and remove oxygen from the water. BUT, the pump outlet supplying tank water  to your house is located in this bug rich, low oxygen zone, just above the sediment.

This means:

**We normally drink the poorest quality water from the BOTTOM of the house water tank!!**

TANKSTER Floating Water Intake is a flexible water hose with a float at one end, and a connection to the tank outlet  at the other end. The TANKSTER acts as a floating water intake for your tank’s pump, taking it above the bottom sediment. The Tankster picks up the cleanest and freshest water from the  just below the water surface- where the best quality water is located.   It works 24/7 : whatever the tank water depth!


  • The best tasting, freshest water is supplied to your house
  • Cleaner, sweeter drinking water, with less bugs
  • Floating water intake delivers the best quality water whatever the tank depth
  • No loss of water pressure
  • Automatic operation
  • Because the floating water intake picks up the cleanest water – with less sediment – your pump shows less wear.
  • Reduced blocking of washing machine & dishwasher filters, and irrigation nozzles
  • Longer life of household drinking water filters


  • Economical way improve tank water quality for all rural households
  • TANKSTER Floating Water Intake  can be fitted to any tank outlet, ( including UNDERGROUND** tanks: requires **Check Valve), and comes with an easily adapted 1 ½” (40mm) hose end fitting
  • Safe construction: 2.5m of  food grade suction hose, non toxic fittings and stainless steel connectors
  • Inexpensive
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia

Standard Installation Instructions ( above ground tanks):

Water Tank must be empty, ( or near empty) for good access to outlet pipe fitting inside tank

  1. Two people for safety
  2. Torch, ladder, and maybe a pipe wrench to screw in TANKSTER  hose end coupling to tank outlet
  3. Check the float chain is not wrapped around the hose, and add water to tank.
  4. Expel air from Tankster hose by submerging it, starting at the bottom. (Air is gone when TANKSTER  is fully submerged, except for the float).
  5. Enjoy the best tank water always!

Installation Instructions (UNDERGROUND** Water Tanks):

  1. Water Tank must be empty, ( or near empty) for good access to riser pipe inlet inside tank
  2. Two people for safety
  3. Torch, ladder, and maybe a pipe wrench
  4. Tankster can be installed to underground tanks by adding appropriate fittings to the standard 40mm male hose end to fit it to the tank’s vertical riser pipe inlet. (Additionally, we supply a Non Return Valve / Check Valve** – installed at Tankster’s floating inlet –  for UNDERGROUND tank installations, to ensure the tank’s riser pipe remains primed and full of water between pump cycles).
  5. Once Tankster (with Check Valve) is fitted, add water, and expel air from Tankster hose by submerging it under the float
  6. Enjoy the best tank water always!


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