Drinking Water Filter Upgrade for germ free water


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Simple Water Filter Cartridge Change means No Bacteria, Viruses, Giardia or
Cryptosporidium Cysts in Your Drinking Water

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0.1 Micron 3- in -1 Sediment, Chemical & Bacteria Reduction Filter

This unique Water Purifier cartridge is the ideal drinking water filter upgrade for healthy water, free of water borne disease and water treatment chemicals. All without UV lamps, electricity, or loss of water pressure.

Your drinking water filter upgrade is very easy : just replace your existing single filter cartridge with our Super Purifier filter, and remove Giardia, Crypto, bacteria and virus contamination from your water supply.

Convert your standard kitchen water filter to a true water purifier by filtering your drinking water down to < 0.1 micron (virus level) with the latest technology in water filter cartridges.

Replacement kitchen water filters
Replacement Kitchen Water Filters (Kitchen Super Purifier)

With a twin cartridge kitchen water filter, you replace your first filter with our 0.5 micron Sediment Pre Filter, and your second filter with the Super Purifier cartridge, for a total drinking water filter upgrade! ( The Sediment Pre Filter extends the life of the Super Purifier cartridge by removing particles above 0.5 micron sizing).


The Super Purifier Water Filter Cartridge

Our Super Purifier cartridges fit all standard 10″ x 2.5″ water filter housings, for a simple drinking water upgrade.

The Super Purifier is NSF, FDA & EU certified, and rated 0.1 micron; it removes 99.99% Giardia,  E.coli bacteria, and virus.

This Super Purifier cartridge is a unique water filter which operates as a combo sediment, silver/carbon & bacterial  filter. Its filter media is charge positive and rapidly absorbs particles no matter how small.

This drinking water filter upgrade replaces the role of UV lamps in water filtration, removing bacteria, Giardia & Crypto, plus viruses. The addition of Silver ensures captured bacteria do not survive on the filter media.

The Super Purifier’s activated carbon absorbs water treatment chemicals (Chlorine, Chloramines & Trihalomethanes) general pollutant chemicals, including heavy metals, and water odours .

Protect your family from water borne diseases, and get better tasting drinking water, with a simple water filter cartridge change!

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