Carbon Block Silver Impregnated 0.5 Micron 10″ x 2.5″


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 0.5micron Silver Impregnated Carbon Block

Detailed Description 

This all new Silver Impregnated 100% Coconut Carbon 0.5 micron filter is a Superior Carbon Block Filter.

This filter is similar to the H2-BLUE 100% Coconut Carbon Filter butt is impregnated with silver for the added benefits of carbon AND the bacteriostatic properties of silver impregnation.

Whilst carbon effectively removes odors and taste issues from water, it will leave behind microscopic metal compounds in the form of minute ash/dust particles, which in turn prove to be a source of nourishment for bacteria. This bacteria feeds off the nutrients in the insoluble ash and can then be flushed into the drinking water supply.

Silver Impregnated Carbon is proven to stop the growth of ash/dust fed bacteria

Filtration Process:

When a cell of bacteria is absorbed into the carbon’s structure, it comes into contact with silver ions
The sulphurhydryl group already within the bacterial cell reacts with the silver, producing a silver sulphur complex.

The complex immobilizes the respiratory activity of the bacterial cell by preventing the transfer of hydrogen and an oxidative reaction.

The cell cannot reproduce and dies, reducing the risk of gastro illness by ingesting bacteria


Several factors need to be considered when recommending silver impregnated carbon for use in bacteriostatic filters.

Coconut Carbon is rated to be one of the best base materials used in today’s market.

Coconut Carbon provides a much higher volume of micropores than coal, wood or lignite based carbon. Thus, resulting in a more effective removal of trihalomethanes (THM’s) from municipal water supplies. The larger surface area provides a more effective method of filtering common contaminates such as chlorine and chloramines. The unique raw material of the coconut shell and the carbon manufacturing process ensures exceptional hardness and low ash content.

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