CARAVAN Tap Water Filter (Portable) for road trips


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CARAVAN Tap Water Filter (its Portable!) for Road Travellers

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Just what you need for your next road adventure: a Caravan Tap Water Filter.


The Caravan Tap Water Filter lets all RV Travellers filter water direct from council and rural water taps.

Ideal for Grey Nomads, Caravans, Motor Homes and Off Roaders because they can get cleaner, sweeter water, anywhere.

Simply screw your Caravan Tap Water Filter direct to any supply water tap, and connect vehicle water hose to the  connection on the outlet port.

Turn the tap on, and filtered water flows to the vehicle supply tank.

This inline Filter is high quality 5 micron Carbon: removes rust, dirt, sediment & sand particles down to 5 micron sizing, resulting in clean water.

At the same time, water treatment chemicals (including CHLORINE & it’s byproducts), taint & water odours, are adsorbed by the carbon, for sweeter water.

Filtering your water – before it enters your tank- makes sense!

As a result, travellers will have better quality water on board from the start. And this means a cleaner storage tank, plus longer life for any drinking water filters at your sink.

Caravan Tap Water Filter Specifications

Portable Tap Water Filter, ready to connect to water taps:

5 micron Carbon block inline filter,

1 x 1 metre 12mm Drinking Water ( potable water) Hose, fitted with 2 x hose end connectors,

1 x Tap quick connector with screw fittings for both 3/4″ & 1″ taps.

Low Cost

Easy to Use:

  1. Take CARAVAN Tap Water Filter to tap ( its portable!)
  2. Connect 3/4″ or 1″ tap fitting on blue drinking water hose to tap
  3. Connect vehicle water tank hose to outlet port hose fitting on Caravan Tap Water Filter
  4. Turn on supply tap to filter water for vehicle

TIP: reduce tap pressure for more efficient water filtration through Caravan Filter’s carbon cartridge.

( Caravan Tap Water Filter permits water flows of up to 10 litres/minute. But even better chemical adsorption occurs at a reduced flow rate of approximately 5 litres/minute).

Non Tainting Hose

Food grade ( potable) hose used for the Caravan Tap Water Filter ensures hose-taint free filtered water.

( Should you need to upgrade your current vehicle water hose to food grade, we can supply).

 Replacement Cartridge for Caravan tap Water Filter:

*Drinking Water Filter option:

Finally, to complement your Caravan tap water filter, we strongly recommend a microbial* filter to give you germ free water at your sink tap.

*You may be interested in our ‘Traveller’ (on bench),

or ‘Purifier’ ( under bench) *microbial filter options:  

Both include our Super Purifier cartridge which filters down to 0.2micron . Consequentially, water parasites ( giardia, cryptosporidium), bacteria, & even viruses are removed.

Further, this unique water filter also contains Silver Carbon to stop bacterial growth on the filter media.

In summary, the Super Purifier eliminates water pathogens, including bacteria, as well as adsorbing water treatment chemicals. It removes bad taste & water odours, giving sweet tasting, germ free drinking water.


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