Low Cost Tank Water Filter: complete system with 1 micronCarbon Block filter


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Low Cost Tank Water Filter: complete system with 1 micronCarbon Block filter,       10″ housing, housing spanner, mounting bracket and screws, 1″ gate valves.

It removes chemicals, ( including water treatment chemicals: chlorine, chloramines & trihalomethanes), plus bad taste & odour from tank & town water supplies.

This carbon water filter cartridge is a top quality 1.0 micron coconut carbon block filter.

As such it provides more efficient adsorption of chlorine, chlorine by-products, and organic compounds responsible for smells and poor taste in water.

This water filter is a NSF certified for quality peace of mind.

When do I need to replace?

There is no absolute answer to the timing of filter cartridge replacement because key factors of water quality and water quantity used are site specific for families relying on tank water.


Manufacturers recommend annual water filter cartridge replacement.

But our rural water filters are often made to work hard because of variable water quality.
Many tank water users will be familiar with reduced water quality at certain times of the year.
Heavy rainfall events may also stir up tank sediment for example.

You may notice a change in water taste and/or smell.
And perhaps reduced clarity even after filtering.
Both are direct indicators of the need to replace the activated carbon water filter cartridge.

Water pressure loss in the house: slow running kitchen tap/ reduced shower pressure.
This indicates the current filter cartridge is loaded, and should be quickly replaced.

Depending on water quality/water usage, the above indicators may well occur before the manufacturer’s 12 month replacement guideline.
And after 12 months, some water filter cartridges may hold a bacterial slime which will choke off water throughput, leading to pressure loss at the tap.

Use this 1 micron activated carbon water filter in all  ( 10″ x 4.5″) filter housings to remove chemicals, ( including chlorine, chlorine by products, VOCs) , and get  great tasting house water.




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